Use of the lakes and the common areas in Towne Lake are for the enjoyment of our homeowners and their guests. In an attempt to control unauthorized use of our common areas, it is the Policy of the Association Board that a resident MUST accompany all guests. Your cooperation in controlling unauthorized use will help to preserve a clean and safe environment in all our common areas.

All unaccompanied non-residents will be asked to leave, and the police will be called if they do not cooperate. Please do not become involved in any confrontation with a non-resident, simply call the police, who are trained to deal with these types of situations. Also, please help all your neighbors by reporting suspicious activity, loitering, or unacceptable use of the common areas to a Board Member.

Do not remove or kill the grass carp from any pond. They control the weeds and moss.

The pond north of Bristol Way (#1) has become severely overcrowded with small starving bass and contains very few small and intermediate bluegills and few medium and large bass. We must remove as many small bass from this pond as possible, and release the bream. Please encourage your neighbors and guests to remove as many bass under 10-12 inches as possible, for the next few years.

In June of 2006 we stocked 1,350 bream into the Gazebo pond, (#4). The bass have really fattened up and look very healthy now. This is the best pond for catching good size bass. Dark plastic worms, tubes, shallow running crank baits and chrome rattle traps work best here. In January of 2007 we added 12 Christmas trees to the Wiltshire pond (#2). Crappie have already started to school around these trees and can be caught on 1/16 – 1/8 oz. crappie jigs, fished slowly, on light line under a small cork. Thanks to everyone who donated the used trees. We will do the same next year for the Gazebo pond (#4).

Crappie and cat fishing is very good in January, February, and March in ponds 2, 3, and 4 off Wiltshire Drive. Keep and/or kill all the crappie and catfish you catch from any pond! They over populate very fast and compete heavily with the bass and bream.

We have had several problems with poachers in the past, stealing bass from ponds 2 and 3 off Wiltshire Drive. Please call Chuck Miceli or Leon Willis when you see people removing bass or bream from these two ponds!

Bristol Way pond (#1): Release all the bream and remove bass which are less than 12 inches. This will help us to correct the overcrowding and rebuild some forage so the bass can grow again.

Wiltshire Drive ponds (#2 and #3): Release all bass and bream. Crappie are preventing them from reproducing. Add small bass from any other pond. This will help to control the crappie.

Gazebo pond (#4): Release all bream. We need more forage for the bass to grow.

Please follow the rules below for everyone’s safety and enjoyment:

  • Obtain permission from a resident that lives on the pond north of Bristol Way to gain access to fish this pond.
  • Please keep only one trophy bass per year, over 8 pounds.
  • Release the big bass for others to enjoy!
  • Do not transfer ANY fish from outside waters, as they may contain parasites or disease, and can cause overcrowding.
  • Fishing by rod, hook and line only.
  • No boats or wading allowed.
  • No swimming allowed.
  • No parking on the grass.
  • No motorized vehicles of any kind are permitted on the grass areas around the ponds, or any other common areas in Towne Lake.
  • These are your common grounds, and your neighbors, so please pick up and remove all trash, unused bait, and fishing line when finished.

Lake #1 – Fishing only for residents whose homes border the lake, and their guests.
Lakes #2, #3, and #4 – Fishing for all Towne Lake residents and their guests. Please note that there is some private property on the east side of lake #2.
Lake #5 – This is property of the Arrowhead Country Club, and there is NO FISHING allowed.
Lakes #6 and #7 – This is also property of the Arrowhead Country Club, but fishing is allowed only for those residents whose homes border the lakes, and their guests.